Banking services

for everybody!

Inventing The Future of Banking

KAF PAY is a fintech company which can deliver prepaid & debit cards with unique features and financial mobile app development services. Its founded on the idea that basic banking services should be easy and accessible. Service Banking (BasS) is the provision of complete banking processes (such as loans, payments or deposit accounts) as a service by an existing licensed bank using its secure and regulated infrastructure with modern API-driven platforms. KAF Pay is providing this services from beginning.

  • Prepaid & Debit Cards
  • Fintech Solutions
  • Mobile App Dev.
  • Specials Benefits
  • In accordance with your company's and customer's needs, we will prepare custom branded cards with instant-crypto conversion feature.
  • With our experienced developer team, we can create fintech solutions for your startup or company for the exigencies of making business.
  • We can create financial mobile applications from design to back-end development. You will only be responsible for deciding on the realization of your idea.
  • With the special discounts and advantages club, which can be prepared according to your wishes, you can make your community feel the prestige.